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Six New Year and Christmas dinner ideas

When celebrating New Year with the closest friends and relatives, you want to please them with the best gifts, the most interesting entertainments and the most delicious menu. Our WoMos share their family recipes: co-owner of a vegetarian restaurant [tri:] Oksana Prikhodko, stylist Marina Kruglova, O2PR CEO Olga Diakova, as well as restaurateur Elena Stolyarova, Olympic champion Elena Govorova and O2PR founder Olga Danko...


New Year’s images for corporate events, parties and home

What image will be appropriate, and, of course, fashionable at a New Year’s party? What is the best to wear for winter holidays, if you spend them with your family? How to create a New Year’s make-up? Marina Kruglova, a Ukrainian stylist, designer and co-owner of the Moii brand, is going to answer all these questions


Three main rules promoting your kid's personal sense of style

Judging from her own experience, Marina Kruglova, a stylist, designer, co-founder of the Moii brand, and mother of three, tells how to help kids develop their personal style...


Marina Kruglova about the stylist profession

Dresser, makeup artist, image maker, stylist... It seems that all these jobs are the same? But all is not so simple! A special project on WoMo – Professional Guides aims to answer all these questions. We invite bright and interesting representatives of different professions and offer them to talk about what they are doing. Today, Marina Kruglova, a stylist, fashion designer and co-founder of the Moii brand is going to tell us about the stylist profession...


Red color: controversial or indisputable?!

For a bright and charismatic performer Tania BerQ it has definitely become the right decision in her image of “25 Hours” music video (a MOII coat).


WoMo portrait: Marina Kruglova

Marina Kruglova, a stylist, fashion designer and co-founder of the Moii brand explains why it is important to be able to play the role of “a bad cop” at home, what helps to find strength after 50-hour filming and how to use karate in work...


MOII: garments with emotions!

Therefore, the image created by the MOII designers for a music video “My Heart” of the famous singer Alyosha with almost cinematic history has emphasized the philosophical and dramatic aspects of this small musical film...